Allocation of Reserve Positions

I want to be clear that there are two very different and separate issues. One, is the company’s allocation of reserve numbers, this is the percentage of reserves that the company says it needs to operate. Two, is the method/system in which the reserve flight attendants are designated. In short, we have the number of FA’s needed, that the company prescribes, and we have the allocation method, which APFA creates, to fulfill the company’s needs.

I am NOT talking about the actual reserve system. This website and proposal is regarding ONLY how we allocate who is going to be on reserve!

This outline is primarily regarding the allocation (straight or rotating) part of the reserve system. Whether we can change the actual daily reserve operating system is another issue altogether. That can and should be addressed by APFA and the membership as I believe it CAN be improved immensely. The new system has done nothing but make it more confusing and less friendly for all involved; the FA’s and the schedulers.

Regarding the Reserve Crisis at American Airlines

I want to address several entities with my ideas, conclusions and solutions regarding our reserve system.  Because of the diverse audience that I want to share this with (Company, APFA and our union members) I am going to outline this in some very general terms as well as specifics. I know that some people who will read this are aware of many of these points, but to best present this some general information is needed to offer a complete vision.

This information is derived from my observations and opinions only, any facts, figures, expressions or information that is not accurate is unintentional and this information should not hold anyone accountable.

I hope that this information is made available to the flight attendant group.  Ultimately, it is the flight attendant group that will be voting on a solution or change to the reserve system.

It should be known that the company does not seem to care who or how we dole out the reserve slots, they plainly just want their reserve numbers met.  Doug Parker on January 10, 2019 seemed very clear that he does not care what system we develop; straight reserve, rotating, senior, or junior.  It does not matter.  He also said that the cost to use senior FA’s for 75 hours even if they don’t fly is negligible.  The company truly does not care what “system for allocation” we choose.  (I believe this).  See Doug Parker Video in Crew News HERE.

UPDATE!! CREW NEWS FEBRUARY 13, 2019. More info from Doug Parker about reserves, and he reiterates the companies position that it is up to us, and APFA to choose a reserve system, but also hints that the company many offer a proposal. See Crew News HERE:

Unfortunately, the reserve situation is a divisive one for the flight attendant group.  I am certain that there is nothing that will make everyone happy, so it will come down to a democratic process.  However, it’s important to understand that what ever is formulated should be an improvement for the majority of the members. Currently moral is as low as it can get, for more reasons then just the reserve issue, but the reserve issue is at the forefront.  It’s gravely apparent when viewing the many social media sites that relate to our group and our airline that something needs to change.

I would like to know how the APFA leadership plans to gather input from the members and how it plans to use this information to formulate the final options that will eventually need to be presented to the membership. Besides reading through e-mails and letters that APFA receives (like this one), how precisely does the APFA leadership plan to “poll” or “survey” or otherwise gather information to formulate their plan regarding reserve?